Lava links us to our Great Mother EARTH,

to Ourselves and so to Each Other! 



  1. LAVA is the rock of creativity and manifestation.
  2. LAVA provides you with a deep connection to Earth, the great mother.  Well known for its grounding qualities and strengthening the root chakra is wonderful for calming the emotions. 
  3. LAVA is from the deep fiery depths of the earth and so in healing terms its calming and intense raw energy is considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment releasing us from the need to hold onto anger, supporting & anchoring us in times of change while alleviating mental stress and indicision.
  4. LAVA balances your vibrational frequency allowing you to feel connected and centred back to self so you are better equipped to attain your goals and bring more abundance into your life.
  5. Lava draws toxins from cells of the body, so they can be eliminated.  Lava has many cosmetic uses (masks to purify the skin) and internal healing qualities (bentonite clays etc).
  6. Lava can even balance your Chakra System and get those energy wheels moving freely.
  7. Lava is used as a powerful amulet to provide protection (in general terms as well as from the negative energies & emotions) and was known to have been worn into battle by soldiers at war.
  8. Holds the scent of essential oils so that you can create your own personal diffuser

I create jewelry to LOVE to TREASURE and BRING JOY

Fair trade practice is vital to everything I create. It is important the people who work in bringing my creations to life are happy with the exchange we have, they are being supported in a loving way and respected for their craftsmanship and quality – i truly believe my products being created in this energy gives them true purpose and will bring pleasure to the purchaser as has been expressed to me over and over and over by the people who have my purchased my products to date. It is tangible!

I have designed, manufactured, wholesaled and retailed (sometimes all at once) over the last 16 years and now bring these beautiful, unique collections to you online.

Wholesale and all inquiries welcome

The Unicorn spoke and he said to me, “you are all you will ever need to be, CREATE your reality”.

xoxo delice