My story


Welcome to Lava Links Transformational Jewelry.

I am thrilled to share the power and energy of this rock that i know will delight you.

Around 8 years ago I asked the universe what it was that i was here to do…. believing we all have a divine destiny ……., ITS LAVA, ITS LAVA!

I have been working with this raw, sexy, edgy rock ever since.

Prior to that it was leather goods, jewelry, clothing but none of it felt very important… like it was all just stuff not really much help to anyone other than as something beautiful to buy and that wasnt enough for me.

Working with Lava has changed all that… holding my first Raw piece i KNEW this was it.. this is what i was here to do and there was no turning back.

I love the imperfection of it, the way it feels, the properties it holds, it embodies within its vibrational frequency all four elements, fire, earth, water & air and so much more.. see

As a Master Healer and Channel its no surprise to hear the comments of others about their Lava-Links Jewelry, as Great Mother Earth makes for a very powerful ally and Amulet.

The energy of this RAW ROCK is unique in that it is tangible!

For many it will be instantaneous and as you connect to the majestical energy of Mother Earth you may even cry with joy feeling a sense of being HOME!

One of my specialties is Personalized Healing Jewelry – like a script if you will, a piece of wearable, healing art that is designed for you. If this is of interest please PM me as these custom pieces are very special and something i am honored to bring forth for you. We can co-create or you can leave it to me.

I am Australian designer living in Bali, Indonesia and it is this location of the Earth where spiritual magic is very strong that i design these pieces for you.

Fair trade practice is vital to everything I create.

It is important the people working to bring my designs to life are happy with the exchange between us, they are being supported in a loving way and respected for their craftsmanship and quality – i truly believe this energy gives the jewelry extra power and will bring pleasure to the purchaser as has been expressed to me over and over by the people who have purchased my work to date, see

I have been designing, manufacturing, retailing & wholesaling for over 16 years.

We have 30+ Stockists around Australia and New Zealand…

Its time to take Lava-Links Transformational Jewelry WORLD WIDE so if you are a Wellness Advocate, Holistic shop, Yoga Centre, Boutique, Surf Shop and you feel Lava-Links is a fit for you send me a message Wholesale and all inquiries are welcomed.

The Unicorn spoke and he said to me, “you are all you will ever need to be, CREATE your reality”.

delice bravo, The Lava Lady