Oh my gosh. My lava arrived today. I love them!!! Thankyou so much. It’s so strange. I haven’t worn jewellery for many many years and I just love your pieces. I am a happy positive person normally and for some reason these really make me feel even better. Plus I get so many compliments on them! So once again Thankyou…I love your work ??? K. Allingham May 18

If you only ever buy one piece of jewellery in your life time it has to be a piece made by Delice. You will not be disappointed. Delice lovingly creates each piece. It’s jewellery made with a purpose Vickie Goodrich March 18

I purchased the lava links bracelet and omg, I love it. ??? It is already on my wrist. Xx an amazing product. Bry Graham Feb 18

Beautifully created lava jewellery. Lots & lots of designs to suit everyone’s taste. Use with or without essential oils & also gain the healing properties of the beautiful lava beads & gem stones that are incorporated in the designs. Jewellery for the whole family men, women & children. Also feel extra special as I am a stockist. Inger Esperson July 17

I just recieved my small Lava heart pendant and its more beautiful than l imagined Thank you so much l will cherish it xxx Gabby July 17

I just recently purchased 2 new pieces. Bought on the Friday and arrived the following Tuesday. Fabulous service and my new jewellery is stunning. Thankyou so much. I will recommend you any day. Katrina Allingham July 17

Absolutely LOVE my new lava ring … my favourite piece of jewellery ??? Carmen Hellemann Madeira, Sept 17

Message: Hi Delice,
I just wanted to say how beautiful your Lava creations are. the workmanship in them is amazing and you can totally see they are created with such passion. I have a couple of pieces from you which I adore and have had many comments on their beauty and my 2 children love their wee bracelets. I am really looking forward to adding to my collection. Thank you for the amazing work you do. Jenine Lloyd – FB: Mind Baby Soul

One day I felt it was time to get a MALA (meditation, Prayer beads. #MALAbeads, #malabeads). So I contacted Delice, she waited for the time, (meaning, that she waits for the right moment), a bee came to visit her, and that was the day when she made mine for thee.
When I was shown the photo of my finished MALA, I burst into tears! It was perfect, and in a way it looked like a bee, the feeling I got from just the photo was nothing I’ve felt before. (I do have one other Lava jewellery, that is not made by Delice, I got no feeling at all, it just looked nice at the time). When I received my MALA, and put it on for the first time, it was like I was home, feeling of warmth, a feeling of grounding, a feeling of someone wrapping there arms around me, it was an amazing feeling that I’ve never felt before.
A few weeks later I brought a few more of Delice’s Lava, and the same thing happened! I wear my bracelet all the time except for a shower. When I wear Delice’s lava, I feel a high vibration, a deep grounding feeling, I feel protected, I feel strong, i can meditate easier with the Lava, and that’s on its own, when I applied my doTERRA oils to it, the vibration went to a higher level. I’m lost when I don’t wear the Lava. Thanks Delice, you are one amazing person, from Mandy Marchese. Xx FB: Mother’s Intuition With Essential Oils

Message: I absolutely love these products. Delice makes each piece with so much love and you can feel it when you wear them. You are one amazing woman and am so glad I had the chance to meet you and purchase your wonderful Lava Jewelery!! I want to rate you the highest rating available. Jacqui Gray – FB: Spiritual Flow

Hi Delice, I’ve been using my lava pendulum and Oh my goodness, it is so incredibly powerful!!!! I have several pendulums and I have never used one so strong and clear and definite. I love it!!!!!

I’ve got diamonds, crystals and pearls but I LOVE your Lava-Links the most!

Your creations are truly magnificent. The designs are super cool and they are “Wonder Woman” powerful… You and that unicorn are genius XOXOXOX
from a very happy Lava-Links Lover xxx S Sutter, 27.2.14, Perth, WA

I have several pieces of this wonderful unique jewellrey and love wearing every piece… I get lots of compliments when I am wearing it… But this is not just jewellery… every piece is created and infused with love and specialness… If you are looking for jewellery that is different and can make you feel wonderful every time you wear it you are on the right site…………….. Suzanne White 24.3.14 Perth, WA

Have had lots of compliments whilst wearing my new gorgeous Lava links necklace . Thanks Delice xx Tracy Johnson Mar 2014

Just bought a lava bracelet, love it, many thanks Delice. x Sharon Chattaway· 6.2.14 Ulverston, United Kingdom

I received my handbag earrings and tree of life charm. Wow they are gorgeous! Luv ’em both xx. T.Maishman Sibson

It’s here….sooooo pretty….thank you (again!) x Kirsty Drew

Definitely a happy little camper. Received my lava beads and tree of life charm yesterday and I just luuuurve it! Thanks Delice Bravo…..x F.Maishman

Got my beautiful locket bracelet Delice. I love it and love how it jingles. Thanks! T.Nylund

Just love the earrings, already wearing them. ? ? xx L. Saoirse

“Always something new,exciting and inspiring in Delices leather and jewellery..even the stock that been out for a while,the leather softens beautifully,is always guaranteed a compliment or enquiry..wearing some right now!!” (A. McSevich)
Got my earrings love love love them they are so beautiful . (Jayde Carrott)

Recieved my beautiful necklace in the mail yesterday. Oh it’s gorgeous. (Tira Hekke)

Delice, your jewellery is absolutely stunning!!! I’ve received soooooo many comments already!! Luvin my new leather wallet and purse too!! Thanks a million!!! (E. Shin)

I have purchased Delice’s amazing pieces and wear them religiously. People always compliment me on their uniqueness and want to know who made them. Now the secret is out. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Delice! (Carla Ricciardi)

Hello, i received my gorgeous druzy ring today! It is beautiful and fits perfect! I think the lovely box it came in was a nice touch too. Thank u so much again! (Telle Humphrey)

My wondeful pieces arrived a few days ago! lovvvved them. (Katie Bee)

Thank you soooo much Also, are the Angel Wing 9.25 silver earrings still available to order? I am in love with them…and just about everything else (Kirsty Drew)

Got my Nautilus Locket ring!! Love it so much, so beautiful. So Shiny and new and lovely! Thanks Delice. (J. Brown)

I just received my locket it is superb!! Thank you so much. My boss just saw it and wants to order one for his wifes birthday… x How much is the matching ring? (T. Oneill)

hey delice i got my lockets today and i love them thankyou. (Sue Garratt )

Just wanted to say Thank you Delice for the Leather Satchel Bag, it is fantastic, use it every day!!! xxxx (Kim Barnett)

Document wallet served us well on our travels! Thankyou for another gorgeous piece & I love love love my satchel bag!!! Perfect-slouchy and kinda cool. The best lining too! (MK)

I ordered the bone rose pendant which arrived the other day => It is a beautiful piece and looks awesome!! Well done Delice on another amazing production. (Tracey Maishman-Sibson)

The Nautilus Manifest Locket is the most beautiful thing i have ever owned. thank you & thanks for getting it to me so quickly! (J. Neath)